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Brought up May 7, 2010

Friday Facts May 7th

Friday Facts May 7th

I originally posted my first Friday Facts article a couple of months ago and then promptly forgot to keep doing it. Luckily a friend of mind told me I should do it again so here is my latest installment of Friday Facts. YOu can check out the first issue here.

My friend Brian has started a new blog on reachby, and so far I have been pretty impressed. Brian really likes to think about life and I think he writes very well. I would strongly encourage checking him out if you haven't already.

I don't know if any of you reading this are NFL fans, but the draft happened just a little bit ago. I am a Broncos fan and we drafted Tim Tebow and I have to say this pick has me excited. Tebow is perhaps the greatest college football player of all time and I can't wait to see if he can translate that success to the pros.

Anyone else watching the Celebrity Apprentice? I am so digging the fact that Bret is still in the mix. I grew up a huge fan of Poison and its fun to see a dude I admired as a teen still around. Maybe some day I will become well known enough to get fired by Mr. Trump. I know, pretty unlikely.

I have been giving some thought to my next series of articles once I finish my top twenty tech advancements. I think I am going to go with the 10 most re watchable movies of all time. I am hoping that maybe a shorter list will bring more traffic. I had a lot of readers early in my latest list, but they seem to be getting bored. What movies do you think are the most re watchable?

I recently started a new Dungeons and Dragons game with my friends and have to say I am quite excited. We are using third ed because honestly, fourth edition just is lacking something. It's a good game I guess, but for some reason we like third edition better. I really think Wizards of the Coast jumped the gun on the whole thing.

Well I think that about does it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the shorts.


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