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Brought up May 6, 2010

Most important tech development #9: The Internet

I can already hear some groans that I would rate the internet higher than the computer. After all, the computer a computer is generally needed if one wants to use the internet. While there is no arguing the logic in this point, my purpose in this series of articles is to rank the most important developments. In doing so I have considered many things ranging from how long ago the development occurred, to how much of an impact the advance has had on the world. While the computer has impacted the world, I believe that the internet has had a more immediate and larger impact.

The reason for this is the fact that the internet has changed and is continuing to change the way we do virtually everything in our lives. More and more people go to the internet day to find information, connect with other people, to shop, and even to work. We are currently experiencing an unprecedented connection with the world that is only beginning to change the way things work.

Even from its very early beginnings, the internet promised to be something special. The ability for one computer to talk to another enabled a quicker transfer of information than had previously been available. It also offered a completely new means of entertainment as thousands flocked to the wonder of the internet. It also changed the landscape of our economy as new business opportunities were discovered.

From these early successes the web continued to grow and change. Right now people use the internet for a stunning amount of social activity. Anyone of us could sign up for a site such as Facebook and within minutes be talking to people in other parts of the world. This is enabling all of us to learn about other cultures and the insights they have to offer in a whole new way.

While right now is a very exciting time for the internet, the future is even more exciting. As new technologies are developed which enhance our experiences in life, there is no telling just how much of an impact this will have. It is simply amazing.

I am sure that after considering the many things I have pointed out that you will agree that the internet belongs in this space if not higher. As we begin to see the end of the list, it should be noted that there are some major players about to show their face. I really hope you all are as excited as I am.


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